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Having never been to an osteopath before I had no clue what to expect, meeting Nicolette Gygi for the first time for my treatment of my shoulder which I have since learnt it to be a right rotator cuff injury, and a few follow up appointments after wards has completely change my “bodies” life and of course putting up with a “not so easy’ patient . I would like to thank Nicolette for all her hard work on my treatment program she put together for me, without her I would still be a walking ache…

With Nicolette’s kind heart and powerful hands(magic hands) as I call her, I would not recommend anyone but her, she made me feel very at ease and. Comfortable. I highly recommend Nicolette to anyone who needs a treatment of any kind, her professional out look and work is amazing and you will walk out feeling great. You quickly realise that you have had one of the best osteopathic s treatment you could possibly have.

Posted on the 19th April, 2013 by admin

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