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Sports Therapy Rocks

I myself am an osteopath, but I find working hand in hand with our sports therapist – Fisnik Baliqi creates the best results! Here at Richmond Osteopaths I can improve the health of the muscles and joints.  The second step involves Fisnik who can help with rehab thus warding off musculoskeletal problems and preventing a re-occurrence of injury.  Sports therapy is great for strengthening any area of the body. It can help in correcting bio-mechanics through a tailored made treatment and rehabilitation program.

A lot of my patients ask me about Pilates and if it is a good form of strengthening. Pilates is great and good for all round strengthening, however sports therapists have an extensive knowledge of the body and they offer a specific treatment plan that is personal to your needs. Fisnik Baliqi has spent over 5 years studying. He has completed a Sports therapy degree and further post grad courses to ensure he has extensive knowledge on dynamic movement and knowledge of strengthening weakened areas of the body.

Fisnik Baliqi is able to treat injuries, alleviate pain as well as mobilize joints. Techniques used include KT taping, dynamic rehabilitation, remedial massage and preparing athletes both physically and mentally. He can help formulate an injury prevention program and help to assess your readiness to get back into exercise and thus to prevent further injuries.

Are you experiencing muscle and joint pain? Why not book in for our free 15 minute consultation with Fisnki Baliqi. He can provide you with more information about your bio-mechanics or at least point you in the right direction.

Remember, you do not need to be an athlete to see a sports therapist you might simply want to be pain free with greater mobility and balance.


Posted on the 30th January, 2015 by admin

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