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Physiotherapist at Richmond Osteopaths

We provide physiotherapy. Our name Richmond Osteopaths can be misleading and people believe that we only provide osteopathy. Physiotherapy helps soft tissue injuries, muscle and joint problems. I like to use a combination of treatments that I find work best especially for sports injuries. I use deep tissue massage, not the kind of massage with candles and pipe music but the kind that gets to the heart of the problem. This can be uncomfortable at times but only enough to cause a bit of redness around the tight muscle.  As well as massage I also get the underlying joints moving. This is key to resolving long term injuries or pain. Massage will only do part of the job, it is essential to get the joints moving.

Exercise rehab is a big part of my treatment protocol. I can see where some muscles are working too hard and where others are not working enough. I want to reeducate the muscles through a series of exercises so they will do their job more efficiently and for a long time to come.

I haven’t mentioned half of the methods of treatment that I use, such as acupuncture, taping and many more in my physiotherapy repertoire. So I hope this gives you a fair idea of how I use my physiotherapy skills to treat your muscle, joint or sports injury.

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Sergio Campos

Posted on the 13th May, 2014 by admin

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