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What will happen at my appointment?

Your initial appointment will firstly involve completing a personal details database. This will be followed by a discussion regarding your problem. Your therapist will be asking specific questions aimed at identifying the nature of the problem. A physical examination will then occur of the relevant area. This may include getting you to move the injured region and your therapist completing specific tests. It may be necessary to look at the areas above and below your injury in order to aid diagnosis. Once complete, your therapist will explain the findings and their relevance to your problem. They will provide you with a diagnosis at this point if possible and an estimated timescale for recovery. You will also be able to ask any questions that you may have. Treatment will then commence, followed by provision of a home exercise program, if appropriate.

At a follow up appointment, the initial physical examination tests may be reviewed before further treatment commences. Your home exercise program may then be modified or progressed, as appropriate.

Will I be expected to do anything following my appointment at Richmond Osteopaths?

It is quite common to be sent home with further work to do following your appointment in the form of advice and exercises. This is to reinforce the benefits of the treatment you have received and to achieve further improvement.

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