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Exercising in Pregnancy

Exercise in pregnancy

I often get the question from pregnant ladies whether it is safe to exercise during pregnancy. Keeping active during pregnancy is very important and it will help your body cope with all the physiological changes and the demand placed on the body from your growing baby including the increase in weight and the demands placed on your muscle, joints and posture.

Studies suggest that exercising during pregnancy is not harmful to either you or your baby. It is a myth that exercise negatively affects the length of pregnancy, type of delivery or birth weight. Mild to moderate exercise is good for you and for your developing baby.

Why exercising in pregnancy may be good for you?

You will be glad to hear that exercising not only benefits you but also benefits your baby and studies show that your labour tends to be shorter and there are lower risks of complications.

There are times where it is not safe to exercise and they are, If you suffer from:

There are precautions and warning signs to exercise which you need to be advised by your visiting health professional, obstetrician or physiotherapist.

There are so many good reasons for exercising once the baby is born. If you feel unsure if you are ready to start exercising again, then please get in touch. I am both a Physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor, qualified in both antenatal/postnatal and matwork pilates (level 1 and 2).  I am now offering 1 to 1 Pilates sessions on Wednesday mornings.  

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By Viola Vajova

Posted on the 4th August, 2019 by austen ham-howes

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