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A whole new world!

From Australia to the UK:

Starting my Osteopathic career over 6 years ago in Australia I was lucky enough to land a full time position in a busy clinic with a great team of Osteopaths. I learnt so much and loved my chosen career path. However, after 4 fantastic years I found myself getting a little restless. I needed a change, something new and exciting.

So I decided to pack everything I needed (or at least everything I could carry) in to a backpack and make the long journey half way around the word to what I hoped would be a great adventure.

Upon landing at busy Heathrow Airport, feeling severely jet-lagged reality set in. I realized I had no job, no friends or family in the same time zone and only two weeks accommodation booked at a hostel!

I confess to feeling somewhat overwhelmed.

Now, after 18 months here in the UK I can gladly say I have made some of the best friends I’ll ever have and traveled to some amazing places. Among my favorites would have to be Prague, the Swiss Alps, Austria and most recently Iceland where my boyfriend proposed under the Northern Lights (romantic huh?)

So while I’ve definitely had my adventures I’ve also made my home here. Now I hope to make my professional home here with the guys and girls at Richmond Osteopaths.

By Karlee Simper

Posted on the 17th April, 2015 by admin

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